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Our campus is fortunate to have many distinguished faculty who are eagerly embracing classroom technology, and in the process raising the bar for instruction in higher education. From podcasting to clickers and web 2.0, our faculty are leading the way. We invite you to explore this site to learn what your UCR colleagues are doing to make their classroom instruction the best it can be.

Plato's Roundtable is a collection of interviews that highlight those faculty who have put themselves at the forefront in using various techniques and technology in instruction and education. Plato, the Great Orator and Educator, would be proud...

Featured Videos

hannemanProfessor Hanneman & The Hyperstruction Studio

Professor Robert Hanneman was one of the pilot instructors for the UCR hyperstruction studio. In this video, professor Hanneman showcases the seamless use of the technology the classroom offers with his sociology class.

For more information on the UCR Hyperstruction Studio, please visit http://hyperstruction.ucr.edu



The Learning Glass

We’re pleased to introduce you to UCR’s new Learning Glass Technology. The Learning Glass combines all the benefits of a whiteboard together with video technology to transcend annotation and personalize instruction. The result is an effective and engaging lecture capture tool.

The technology was first developed at San Diego State University (SDSU) by Dr. Matt Anderson and first built by Dr. James Frazee’s group at Instructional Technology Services at SDSU. Our version of the Learning Glass was initially developed by San Diego State University and subsequently, UC San Diego. Colleges and Universities across the US are now implementing different versions of this technology.

This is a promotional video from the UCR Learning Glass team.


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