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We're in a paradoxical cultural period, I think, where, against all predictions, we have students spending a lot of time communicating with one another in text... so there is a proliferation of writing to communicate that no one would have predicted a generation ago. At the same time the paradox is... there is less disposition or ability to take advantage of these opportunities to communicate in order to articulate more than might just be articulated with sign language or smiles. There is a tremendous potential in this and you see it being worked out in many students' lives but we shouldn't assume that the means of communication resolve this highly personal problem of engaging the world of learning and becoming an inquirer in that world of learning.

Dr. John Briggs

Plato's Roundtable Topics in a causal conversation with John Briggs, Director of the University Writing Program at UC Riverside. Topics covered: writing across the curriculum, thoughts on grammar and writing in general, whatever happened to diagramming, etc.

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