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Computing and Communications continually evaluates, tests, and pilots new technologies that hold promise for improving UCR's instructional environment. Associate Vice Chancellor Chuck Rowley, C&C's Instructional Technologists, the Academic Senate, and faculty at large provide input on the systems and tools that are evaluated and ultimately deployed.

Below, please find a partial list of some of the projects that C&C is currently supporting. Please e-mail Chuck Rowley with your thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

Blackboard 9.1.13
Academic Intervention / Early Warning System

Blackboard 9.1.13 (iLearn)

Winter Quarter 2015 will see the roll out of the latest version of Blackboard. Version 9.1.13 will feature several new  tools including Achievements, Instant Messaging and a more lean and intuitive Web 2.0 interface. There has been a slight look and feel change in Blackboard (Safe Assign is now merged with Assignments)  as well as an easier navigational workflow of the course web site. C&C will provide more information in its workshops series as to the changes in this update.



R'Web offers various UCR-related tools and resources by concentrating new web-based applications into a single location. There are success tools and resources that will provide you with academic and personal growth and support. You can select and review campus organization sites that you may want to get involved with. Additionally, you can customize your portal experience by adding features that you want to see. Take a test drive at http://rweb.ucr.edu/



iGrade is a system for faculty that allows grades to be uploaded directly to the campus Student Information System from a web browser. As of Winter 2015 iGrade is the default method for submitting grades to SIS.

iGrade provides the following functionality:

  • Authenticated login with UCR NetID and password.
  • Faculty see their current course list and rosters.
  • Allows faculty to assign grades via a web interface.
  • Allows downloading of a course roster to Microsoft Excel.
  • Allows uploading of grades from Microsoft Excel.
  • "Audits" grades per Student Information System rules.
  • Posts the grades.

For additional information on iGrade please email the Faculty helpdesk at helpdesk@ucr.edu or visit http://cnc.ucr.edu/igrade.


Academic Intervention / Early Alert System

The Early Alert System is a set of tools within iLearn that allow faculty to define and track student performance metrics for specific course items. The Early Alert System can alert faculty to students who may be struggling, and allows the instructor to proactively intercede on the student's behalf.

A program was initiated in the Spring quarter of 2008 with the Office of the Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Education, the Learning Center and Computing & Communications acting as partners. In this Program instructors volunteered to use iLearn to track their students' progress and coordinate with the Learning Center to offer supplemental instruction.

The Office of Undergraduate Education has collected data on students who have gone through the program to determine the effectiveness of the program.

For additional information about the status or participating in the Early Alert System, please contact Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Education office.


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